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6 thoughts on “Gujarat

  1. I want a circle working committee’s list with mobile no. and also a list of Dist. Secretaries list with Mob No.

  2. PLEASE pick me, I love Christmas so much, spending time with people you love, celebrating the birth of Jesus, I’m catholic so the religion side is very important to me and I can’t wait until C is old enough to go to Midnight Mass. Lots of pretty, sparkly decorations, candles, yummy food, making presents, and general goodwill to all. I love to see the looks on peoples faces when I give them my gifts! I just love to make people happy and Christmas is the best time!April xx

  3. 10/12/2010 – 2:53pmDado que el dinero y las cifras mareantes es algo que le encanta al barbudo, casi más me parece que los chicles de Mourinho y el poderoso tórax, lo más normal es que mañana la portada sea íntegra para Rosell por el dineral, aunque siendo realistas, lo más normal es que marca acuse al Barça de que ahora además de separatista, se codea con infieles.

  4. I had to shear a half-feral ram for my job last year at a dude ranch. A partner and I were in charge of the 'small animals' and he'd gone wild for two years on their rather ample property before they caught him again. A painting of his shearing would look quite different than this one :) The painting is lovely, and the sheep look like they're at least familiar with everything, ours was a dirty, kicking sort of affair but eventually got done. I love that long wool on the Icelandic sheep especially.

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