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  • Injustice in upgradation and fixation of pay case Shri S.M. Maru, O.S. Bharuch SSA in Gujrat Circle – reg. Letter No.-TF-07, dt-11-03-2019. Click Here
  • Non payment of salary AUAB to meet today at 14.30:- Yesterday on 11-03-2019 it was reported that the revenue flow is less than the expectation which may create difficulty in payment of salary as assured by the CMD BSNL on 07-03-2019, hence G.S. NFTE and Com. P. Abhimanyu G.S. BSNLEU tried to met the CMD but due to his ill health, he left the office. Ultimately we met Director (HR) and discussed regarding salary payment in detail. She accepted that the money flow from field units is less than expectation. She also added that an emergent meeting of BSNL Board is taking place on 12-03-2019. To review the situation an emergent meeting of AUAB has also been convened at 14.30 hrs on 12-03-2015.


  • Circle unions must inform:- The CMD, BSNL told to unions on 07-03-2019 that all the liabilities (GPF/Pension Contributions, Group LIC instalments, EPF and Bank loan instalments, Societies etc) have been cleared upto February, 2019. Circle unions are requested to equip us with the actual information through mail or SMS.
  • For urgent attention of Circle and District Secretaries:- Inflow of revenue from the field units to BSNL HQR is not encouraging and below expectations. The Circle and District Secretaries are requested to exert at their respective levels so that maximum revenue is realised and remitted to Corporate office. The salary payment very much depends on revenue receipts.
  • Letter from AUAB to Hon’ble MOC (C) to allow BSNL to take loan from Banks to over come from the present crisis. Click Here
  • LICE for promotion to Telecom Technician Cadre for year 2018-reg. Letter No.-TF-14/2(d), dt-11-03-2019. Click Here
  • Data of candidates securing minimum qualifying marks in JAO LICE against 40% quota – reg. Letter No.-TF-14/2(c), dt-11-03-2019. Click Here
  • Issue of Superannuation Benefits of Directly Recruited employees of BSNL – status there of. Letter No.-BSNL/7-1/SR/2018(Pt.), dt-12-03-2019. Click Here


Income Tax Exemption Notification on Gratuity received upto 20 lakhs. Previously it is upto 10 lakhs. Now it is upto 20 lakhs exemption from Income tax. Click Here


  • Union Cabinet : The last meeting of Union Cabinet of this Government was held today. No decisions w.r.t. BSNL have been announced in the Press briefing.
  • Union Bank of India – Staff Loan Accounts with Over Due Amount and NPA – Corporate Office wants concerned Employees to meet the Bank : Letter …. List.
  • AUAB has decided to organise RELAY Hunger Strike from 12.3.2019 at Corporate Office on the issue of Non payment of Salary for February 2019.

    On the issues of vindictive actions and salary for 2/2019, AUAB has decided to meet CMD after today’s meeting. If issues remain unsettled, hunger strike will be organised at Circle/SSA level.

  • Government run Tata Institute of Fundamental Research cuts February pay of its Employees citing cash crunch ; paid the remaining amount after the cash paucity news went viral : Click here.


AI CPI (IW) for the month of January 2019 increased by 6 points and stood at 307.


Submitting memorandum to the MPs :- The AUAB meeting, held on 20.02.2019, has decided to carry on with the campaign programme, demanding settlement of employees demands as well as issues connected with the revival of BSNL. In this connection, the AUAB has given call to submit memorandum to all the MPs, seeking their support for the settlement of the issues. The AUAB has also decided that, the memorandum should be submitted to the MPs by 28.02.2019. All circle and district secretaries are requested to complete this job within the stipulated time, by having close coordination with the other constituents of the AUAB. A copy of the memorandum to be submitted is attached. Click Here


  • 3rd Strike view received today from different circles. Click Here
  • Meeting with GM(SR):- General Secretary met with Shri A.M. Gupta, GM(SR) and discussed the issue of partisan transfer in some circle by SSA Heads creating industrial un –peace. G.S. apprised that the Corporate office should ensure implementation of transfer policy in its letter spirits alongwith the immunity transfers issues also. But it is not adhered by the SSA Heads at several places. The GM reciprocated in positive and assured to address the problem if it is found genuine.