• Consumer Price Index (IW) for October 2019 : The AI CPI (IW) for October 2019 increased by 3 points and stood at 325. Even if there is no increase in CPI for November, the IDA payable from 1.1.2020 will be 156.5, i.e., an increase of 4.5%. Plus or Minus 2 points will result in an IDA increase of 5 or 3.9 %, respectively.
  • Rajya Sabha – Reply to Sri M.Shanmugam, MP and General Secretary, LPF.

    Question : The Government has announced VRS to BSNL Employees. BSNL was supposed to revise wages for its Employees from 1.1.2017. But it has not been done.

    Has the BSNL Management any proposal to give benefit of Wage revision by merging basic wage and DA to the willing employees who have opted for VRS?

    Reply : Wage revision is an option available. But i would like the Honourable Member and the House to know where we are finding it difficult to pay salary becuase of these things, let me first revive it. Once revival is there, surely, there is an option to be explored. But presently, my whole stress is upon reviving BSNL and MTNL, infusing funds and also VRS which i am focussing on.