Meeting with CMD., BSNL : On invitation, AUAB leaders met CMD., BSNL yesterday. CMD explained the salient features of the Revival Package.

  1. Rs.20000 crore will be realised through Land monetization.
  2. 4G Spectrum will be allotted to BSNL before December 2019.
  3. VRS, targeting of 80000 employees (out of 106304) aged above 50 years, will be offered in BSNL. Exgratia cost of Rs.14800 crore will be borne by Govt.
  4. Details of exgratia and other benefits will be made available shortly in ERP/ESS portal for the benefit of individual employees desiring to opt for VRS.
  5. VRS benefits will be in Gujarat pattern (35 days wages for completed years of service and 25 days for the remaining service or the salary for the remaining period of service whichever is less ) subject to a maximum of 125% of wages p.m for the remaining months of service.
  6. 125% of wages includes pension (50%) without commutation.
  7. Date of implementation of VRS will be notified soon. 30 days window will be opened for exercising option.
  8. Exgratia and Leave encashment will be paid in 2 instalments – one in the Last quarter of the current financial year and the other in the first quarter of the next Financial year.
  9. Gratuity with interest admissible for GPF and Commuted value of Pension will be paid on completion of 60 years of age or 6 years after VRS in r/o those below 55 years of age, whichever is earlier..

10. In case of employees not opting for VRS in sufficient numbers,

reduction of retirement age to 58 will be implemented.