• Appeal by SR Cell to AUAB on agitaional programme : Click here.
  • Representations/Court cases for grant of status of DOT employee absorbed in BSNL : Click here.
  • Endorsement of appeal issued vide No. BSNL/7-1/SR/2018(pt), dt-28-10-2018 against Agitational Programme by All unions & Associations of BSNL. Letter No.-BSNL/7-1/SR/2018 (pt), dt-29-10-2018. Click Here ,
  • Third Pay Revision of non-executive employees – delay reg. Letter No.-TF-9/8/PRC, dt-29-10-2018. Click Here ,
  • Settlement of claims (Medical Indoor/Outdoor, TA/DA etc) of staff – reg. Letter No.-TF-32/6, dt-29-10-2018. Click Here
  • Adhoc payment of PLI – reg. Letter No.-TF-7/1, dt-29-10-2018. Click Here ,