• Permanency of non-executive employees: The non-executive employees after completion of two years service are to be confirmed as per existing orders of BSNL HQR. Circle Secretaries are requested to act and ensure the employees having completed two years of service are declared permanent.
  • Revenue receipt:- The BSNL has earned Rs. 6,000 crores less revenue in financial year 2017-18 in comparison to last year. The company is facing financial crunch and management contemplating to curtail the medical facilities of employees. The union has stoutly opposed and has demanded to control and check the wasteful expenditures first. All concerned are requested once again to send details of wasteful expenditures to CHQ to defeat the evil designs of BSNL HQR.
  • New Telecom Policy:- The draft for New Telecom Policy is likely to be released on 1st May, 2018 to seek Public Comments and thereafter inter-ministerial consultation will commence. After these exercise it will be sent to Cabinet for approval.
  • Confirmation examination:- There are TOAs(G) who have not passed the prescribed confirmation examination within the prescribed chance and not earning annual increments. In some circles this examination is not being held. BSNL HQR has sought details from the circles. Circle Secretaries are requested to contact appropriate concerned authorities in circle offices and exert so that the information are mailed to corporate office at the earliest.