Medical Reimbursement with Vouchers for Outdoor Treatment is now allowed on 78.2 % IDA from 1.4.2018. This will be for 23 days Pay +IDA : Click here.

This issue was taken up by NFTE in the National Council. But the eligibility is reduced from 25 days to 23 days. Hence the actual amount that can be reimbursed is getting reduced considerably. This needs to be corrected.

For example, an official who is currently drawing a 78.2% basic pay of Rs.30630/- will get a reimbursement of Rs.53283/-. Where as, on his 68.8% basic pay of Rs.29370/- he would have got Rs.55534/- on an IDA of 126.9%. If the eligibility is changed to 24 days, the amount comes to Rs.55599/-.